Göttingen Centre for Genderstudies (GCG)

Göttingen Centre for Genderstudies (GCG)

Welcome to the Goettingen Centre for Gender Studies (GCG)!

The GCG is an interdisciplinary institution of the University of Göttingen which aims at advancing research activities in the field of Gender Studies at the Göttingen Campus.
On these pages you will find more information on our activities, goals and function.


Fellowships at GCG | Deadline: 31th May 2018

The GCG-Fellowship-Programme, founded in 2015, invites applications for Visiting Research Fellowships between four and twelve months. The Centre aims to foster interdisciplinary activities in Gender and Queer Studies and build international collaborations. Deadline for application is 31th of May of each year.
You can find more information here.