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Сторінка українською мовою
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Разом з Україною!

Wir stehen der Ukraine bei!
We stand with Ukraine!

This site presents Contributions by Ukrainians, information on Ukraine as well as material concerned with Russia’s War against Ukraine. In addition, we have compiled easy-to-use language material for communication with Ukrainian refugees and links to sites that contain information that we think is useful in the context of help for refugees.

If you look for initiatives that offer to refugees practical or material help and that you want to support, click here for a a number of options.

Ukrainian refugees who need information on how to take up or proceed with studies at a university or how to continue research work in the host country click here for a list with contacts and links to sites with information on research programs and support. Those who need advice in legal matters find help on the site of the free-of-charge ↗ Refugee Law Clinic.

Like the majority of people worldwide we are appalled by Russia’s war against Ukraine. The following Statements, resolutions, and announcements have been issued by universities, institutes, official bodies, representatives, organizations, and groups of scholars, making public their stance against the war and reflecting on its impact on scholarly work and scientific research.

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This site is regularly updated and completed.

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Допомога біженцям з України

Hilfe für Flüchtlinge aus der Ukraine

Help for Ukrainian refugees

Допомога громадянам України

Hilfe für Bürger*innen der Ukraine

Help for Ukrainian citizens

Допомога волонтерам

Hilfe für Helfer*innen

Help for those who are helping or intend to help Ukrainians