#UniToo - Sexism and sexualized violence in the university context

Sexism and sexualized discrimination and violence are commonplace at German universities - just as they are in other areas of social life. All status and employee groups are affected, with dependency relationships and hierarchies often exacerbating the problem.
The series of events addresses the topics of sexism and sexualized discrimination and violence at universities in various formats (specialist lectures, panel discussions, action stands, film evening, etc.) and from different perspectives: In addition to dealing strategies for individuals, the structural possibilities for action of the institution of higher education will be examined.

Discussions will include the consequences of the "#MeToo" debate for talking about sexism and sexualized violence as well as the limits of current legal frameworks in relation to digital violence and sexism online. Multiple discrimination (intersectional discrimination) in the context of sexualized discrimination will also be examined.

Initially, the series was conceived and carried out together with the Göttingen Center for Gender Studies (GCG) (especially Dr. Konstanze Hanitzsch). Since winter semester 2023/24, it has been organized by the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Office.

Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2023/24