Intercultural competence in hands-on projects

Virtual Exchange (VE) is an umbrella term for teaching and learning practices that connect locally dispersed teachers and students to learn and work together fostering their intercultural competence in hands-on projects. VE can come in many formats. Here, you find the virtual exchange projects offered by the Intercultural Learning Lab connecting Göttingen students with partners worldwide, e.g. in Tunisia, Canada and the USA.

All courses use English as medium of instruction and consist of synchronous video sessions and asynchronous individual and team tasks. All can be credited towards key skills.

Virtual exchange workshops:

This workshop follows a dialogue format, engaging students from Göttingen and partner institutions worldwide to share and learn from each other about cultural identity, stereotypes, communication styles and their respective higher education systems. In this way, the workshop also serves the purpose of preparing a later physical stay abroad in the respective country.

lecturers: Johanna El Ouardy, Jan Hartling-Knaak

This workshop is being conducted as joint classroom format with ISET in Béja/Tunisia and covers current topics around perception, pluralism and ambiguity within Arab*ic and West*ern cultural groups. You will work in international intercultural teams around SDG´s and innovation to get to creative problem solving.

lecturers: Alexandra Schreiber, Nadia Cheikhrouhou, Jens Scheiner

Supported by the initiative "Internationalization of the Curricula" (IdC), Univ. Göttingen.

This course introduces you to topics of museum information and intercultural communication. Together with students from St. John's University in New York/USA, you will explore the connections of culture and communication through gamification and the use of museum artifacts. Taken out of their original context, you will explore intercultural connections among a variety of museum artifacts within your intercultural teams, solve challenges and create your own online museum brochure that comprises your findings and insights throughout this intercultural virtual exchange.

lecturers: Alexandra Schreiber, Christine Angel

For the Global Engagement Module we partner up with the University of Groningen and Ghent University to give you the opportunity to participate in one of three real-world challenges around Public Health, Migration and Society, and Climate Change Adaptation. You will work together with students from 9 ENLIGHT partner universities and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes about your own and other cultures, about how to communicate ideas and take action in your local communities.
Apply via by sending us your CV and a short motivation letter (500 words) before November 1st 2022. Find more information here