Visiting Researchers

Summer Term 2019

  • Kathrin M. Demmler (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, GAIN): "Understanding Sustainable Food Systems"
  • Christophe Kouamé (ICRAF West and Central Africa, Cote d'lvoire): "Investing in smallholder farms’ rehabilitation for sustainable cocoa production and improved livelihoods in West Africa"

Winter Term 2018/19

  • Alessandro Olper (University of Milan): "Standards, trade margins and product quality: Firm-level evidence from Peru"
  • Hamid Oskorouchi (University of Göttingen): "The Influence of Big and Fast Food Environments on Overweight and Obesity in South Africa"

Summer Term 2018

  • Annemie Maertens (University of Sussex, UK): "How do farmers learn from extension services: Evidence from Malawi"
  • Xingqing Ye (Rural Department in Development Research Center (DRC) in State Council of China): "Evolutions of Chinese Agricultural Policies: The Past, Present and Future"
  • Marijke D´Haese (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Richard Sexton (University of California, Davis, USA): "Appropriateness of standard methodologies in assessing market power"

Winter Term 2017/18

  • Satoru Shimokawa (Waseda University, Japan): "No-tolerant Consumers, Information Treatments, and Demand for Stigmatized Foods: the Case of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Japan"
  • Marc Bellemare (University of Minnesota, USA): "Contract Farming as Partial Insurance"
  • Martin Odening (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): "Spatio-temporal diffusion of agricultural land prices"
  • Berber Kramer (IFPRI, USA): "Economics of picture-based crop insurance"
  • Boris Bravo-Ureta (University of Connecticut): "Agricultural Productivity and Climate Change: An Overview of Recent Studies"
  • Ulrike Grote (Leibniz Universität Hannover): "Sustainability of the global value chain of selected agro-food products"

Summer Term 2017

  • Angelino Viceisza (Department of Economics, Spelman College): "Metacognitive awareness and academic performance"
  • Maximo Torero (World Bank, Washington, DC): "Reality of food losses: A new measurement methodology"
  • Hermann Lotze-Campen (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, PIK): "Land use change in the context of sustainable development: Modelling approaches and policy options"
  • Andrew Foster (Brown University): "Are there too many farmers? Input transaction costs, mechanization, and the misallocation of land"
  • Christoph Sänger (International Coffee Organization, ICO, London) : "The political economy of coffee"
  • Krisztina Kis-Katos (Faculty of Economics, University of Göttingen): "Economic and policy determinants of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon"

Winter Term 2016/17

  • Miet Maertens (KU Leuven, Belgium): "Global Food Value Chains and Development: Evidence from a Decade of Research in Senegal"
  • Esther Gehrke (University of Göttingen): "Wage risk, labor supply and human capital accumulation in India"

Summer Term 2016

  • J.V. Meenakshi (Delhi School of Economics, India): "Trends and Patterns in the Triple Burden of Malnutrition in India"
  • Johan Swinnen (KU Leuven, Belgium): "On the Economics and Politics of Food Standards and Value Chains"
  • David Abler (Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences): "Fertilizer Use in China: Why Is It So High, and What Can Be Done to Reduce It?"
  • Eugenio Diaz Bonilla (IFPRI, USA): "Price volatility and food security: conceptual, measurement, and policy issues"
  • Eugenio Diaz Bonilla (IFPRI, USA): "Macroeconomics, trade, and food security"

Winter Term 2015/16

  • Jeremy Foltz (University of Wisconsin): "Gender Production Differentials in Mali"

Summer Term 2015

  • George Kporye (Ghana): "The Implementation of Fairtrade Standards in Golden Exotics Limited and its Impact communities around the Plantation"
  • Andrea Rüdiger: "Agro-biodiversity and seed security in Ethiopia"
  • Insa Flachsbarth: "The effects of agricultural trade openness on food price transmission in Latin American countries"
  • Liesbeth Colen: "Horticulture exports, female employment and household spending patterns: Evidence from Senegal"
  • Dirk Röttgers: "Conditional cooperation, context and why strong rules work? A Namibian common-pool resource experiment"

Winter Term 2014/15

  • Olivier Ecker (IFPRI, USA): "Nutrition and Economic Development: Exploring Egypt's Exceptionalism and the Role of Food Subsidies?"
  • Agnes Quisumbing (IFPRI, USA): "Policy Reform toward Gender Equality in Ethiopia: Little by Little the Egg Begins to Walk?"
  • Angelino Viceisza: "Communication and coordination: Evidence from natural and artefactual field experiments in Senegal"
  • Aki Imaizumi: "Comparative Seed System Analysis - Japan and the Netherlands"
  • Birgit Schulze-Ehlers (University of Kiel): Agribusiness & Supply Chain Management
    "Empirical studies into the attitude-behavior gap in ethical consumption"

Summer Term 2014

  • Te Bao (University of Groningen, Netherlands): "Price Dynamics and Bubble Formation in Learning-to-Forecast and -Optimize"
  • Kai-Brit Bechtold (University of Kiel, Germany): "Consumers' Preferences and Willingness-to-pay for Functional Dairy Products in Germany"
  • Mauricio Canavari (University of Bologna, Italy): "Using discrete choice models to elicit consumer preferences for product origin"
  • Ryan Cardwell (University of Manitoba, Canada): "Can Export Restrictions be Disciplined Through the WTO?"
  • Joachim von Braun ZEF (University of Bonn, Germany): "The agri-food system transformation toward bioeconomy: implications for food and nutrition security"
  • Julie Caswell (University of Massachusetts, USA): "Impacts of the next generation of food standards on food trade"
  • Johan Swinnen (University Leuven, Belgium): "Rent distribution and price transmission in value chains: towards a general model"
  • Maximo Torero (IFPRI, USA): "A text message away: information and communication technologies as a tool to improve food security"
  • Julio Berdegué (RIMISP, Chile): "Determinants of the spatial distribution of agri-processors and impacts on employment and poverty: evidence from Latin America"
  • Jill Hobbs (University of Saskatchewan, Canada): "The evolving landscape of food safety and food quality standards: implications for supply chain relationships"

Winter Term 2013/14

  • Alexander Stein (EU Commission, Brussels): "Rethinking the measurement of undernutrition in a broader health context: Should we look at possible causes or actual effects?"
  • Bertrand Munier (IAE Paris (Sorbonne Graduate Business School) Momagri, France): "Agricultural commodities' price volatility: Modeling issues and lessons from simulations"
  • Holly Wang (Purdue University, USA): "Chinese Aquaculture Producers' Preferences for Safe and EcoFriendly Production Practices"

Summer Term 2013

  • Laurian Unnevehr (IFPRI, USA): "Food and Diet: Can Economics Contribute to Improved Outcomes?"
  • Wendy Umberger (University of Adelaide, Australia): "Dietary transformation in Indonesia: Is the 'supermarket revolution' to blame?"
  • Manuel Hernandez (IFPRI, USA): "How far do shocks move across borders? Examining volatility transmission across major agricultural futures exchanges"

Winter Term 2012/13

  • Tanguy Bernard (IFPRI, Dakar): "Who leads? Experimental evidence on internal dynamics of farmer groups in Senegal"
  • Nicolas Minot (IFPRI, USA): "The role of supermarkets in the transformation of markets for high-value commodities in Indonesia"
  • Chandrasekhara Rao (Institute of Economic Growth, University of Delhi, India): "The rise of supermarkets in India"
  • Awudu Abdulai (University of Kiel, Germany): "Land tenure duration and investment in soil conservation measures"
  • Jutta Roosen (Technische Universität München, Germany): "Consumers' willingness to pay for local and organic food"

Summer Term 2012

  • Jenny C. Aker (Fletcher School and Department of Economics at Tufts University, USA): "Impact Evaluation: Differences-in-Differences and Attrition"

Winter Term 2011/12

  • Christin Schipmann (ICRISAT, Nairobi, Kenya): "The Emerging Modern Retail Sector in Thailand: Opportunities and Challenges for Smallholder Farmers"
  • Solomon Asfaw (FAO, Rome, Italy): "Global Agrifood Supply Chains, Food-Safety Standards, and Small-Scale Producers: Experience from Kenya"
  • Andrea Mannberg (Umea University, Sweden): "The Role of Land Certification in Reducing Gender Gaps in Productivity in Rural Ethiopia"

Summer Term 2011

  • Maximo Torero (IFPRI, USA): "Transformation of global agri-food systems: Overview of research at IFPRI"
  • Rainer Haas (BOKU, Vienna, Austria): "From hunger to obesity: Challenges for a global (sustainable) food system"
  • Thomas Reardon (Michigan State University, USA): "The supermarket revolution in developing countries"
  • Miet Maertens (K.U. Leuven, Belgium): "Modern supply chains and gender implications in developing countries"