Warnhinweis bezüglich MULPOR

Warnhinweis bezüglich MULPOR

Dear exhibitors!

We received information about a company named MULPOR from Uruguay who are contacting our exhibitors to sign a contract with a three years term and an annual contribution about 1.212,-- Euro. They request our exhibitors to justify their catalogue-entries regarding their participation in the PraxisBörse.

We want to inform you that the sender of this writing isn't the University of Göttingen!

It is possible to come to this conclusion, due to the appearance of their writings. They mention the PraxisBörse and the University of Göttingen as organiser with the design of our university.
The University of Göttingen dissociates themselves from such practices and would like to clarify, that there is no commercial connection to „MULPOR“.

Therefore, please examine the headline and footer of those writings in detail.

If you already closed a contract or made any transactions, we can recommend the following information: -Infoletter of AUMA (german)-

Thank you for your attention,