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Funded projects in other EU Programmes

(Until 2006, without University Medical Center Göttingen)

Last update: 25.08.2020

---- University of Göttingen (UGOE) as Coordinator ----

CO2-Bodenrespiration (completed)
Friedrich Beese, Institut für Bodenkunde und Waldernährung
Gustav A. Wiedey, FZ Waldökosysteme
Programme: Forest Focus

Conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources in SE-Asia (completed)
Reiner Finkeldey, Institut für Forstgenetik und Forstpflanzenzüchtung
Programme: ASEAN-EU University Network Programme (AUNP) - EuropeAid

Experimental Investigations of Composition, Structure and Formation of Gas Hydrates in Sediments (completed)
Werner F. Kuhs, Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum
Programme: INTAS (International Association fort he promotion of co-operation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union)

Hydrogen Generation and Storage by Highly-Porous Nanocomposites (completed)
Astrid Pundt, Institut für Materialphysik
Programme: INTAS

Liability of Internet Intermediaries - Tender (completed)
Studie: Veranwortlickeit von Vermittlern im Internet
Gerald Spindler, Juristisches Seminar
Ausschreibung: DG Internal Market and Services

PPSR (Public Prosecution Service Role) (completed)
The Public Prosecution Service - Key Player in a Just and Effective Criminal Justice System. A Comparative Research Study across Europe
Jörg-Martin Jehle, Professur für Kriminologie, Strafrecht und Strafvollzug
Programme: AGIS Programme 2005

Solar and interplanetary disturbances causing severe geomagnetic storms (completed)
Volker Bothmer, Institut für Astrophysik
Programme: INTAS

---- University of Göttingen (UGOE) as Participant ----

Acta de Atribución de beca para estudios de postgrado / formación especializada (completed)
Petr Karlovsky, Institut für Pflanzenpathologie und Pflanzenschutz
Programme: ALßAN (European Union Programme of High Level Scholarships for Latin America, EuropeAid)

AGRI/IAS - Tender (completed)
Comparison of the accounting standards used in FADN with the International Accounting Standards
Manfred Köhne, Institut für Agrarökonomie
Ausschreibung des Directorate G. Economic analyses and evaluation: G.3. Analysis of the situation of agricultural holdings (FADN)

Development of new groups of synthesis of carbon nanoparticle (completed)
Heinz Wagner, Institut für Physikalische Chemie
Programme: INTAS

Protection of Emys orbicularis and amphibians in the north European lowlands
Michael Mühlenberg, Zentrum für Naturschutz
Programme: LIFE-Nature 2005

PRILHE (completed)
Promoting Reflective Independent Learning in Higher Education
Peter Alheit, Pädagogisches Seminar
Programme: SOKRATES / Grundtvig

VIDIOS (completed)
Video Distribution over MPLS networks supporting heterogeneous format environments
Dieter Hogrefe, Institut für Informatik
Programme: CELTIC-Programme (EUREKA-Cluster)