Our PhD-program J-PPAE, offered by qualified partners in Chile and the EU, is encouraging interdisciplinary and international research with the aim to investigate and analyse complex questions of agricultural economics in different research areas.

It has a leading role in bringing together the best PhD students in our field of research with institutions in the fields of agricultural research, policy and business - and support young scientists on their way into a scientific career.

The further development of agricultural trade between Chile and the EU is associated with important challenges. Chilean exports must meet increasingly stringent food safety and quality criteria in order to enter the EU. This creates a demand in Chile for efficient monitoring and certification institutions as well as for a functioning research and development system that generates and disseminates innovations in production and marketing. The large geographic distance between Chile and the EU raises issues of sustainability and the environmental impact of trade, as do some intensive production practices in Chilean fruit and vegetable production.

The impact of an increasing export orientation on livelihoods, poverty and development in rural Chile is also an important issue, as are the questions whether and how Chilean smallholders can profit from high-value export chains. Cutting-edge research and a new generation of trained specialists are required to address these challenges.

The major goal of J-PPAE is, as mentioned, the individual promotion of each student within the PhD-program to support the students on their way into a scientific career. Research visits abroad are highly encouraged as well as participation on national / International congresses and courses at our partner institutions. The individual study program is based on the specific needs within the research areas of the students.

The J-PPAE-program provides a solid foundation from which to recruit researchers, teachers and top level managers to tackle practical issues of agricultural economics.

A flyer on the program can be downloaded here: Flyer JPPAE