Mathematics in Göttingen ...

... is international.
The participation at many exchange programmes with foreign universities opens up excellent possibilities for students of Göttingen to do studies abroad which can be fully credited for the mathematics programmes in Göttingen. Being an appealing place to work and study both for students and researchers for the field of mathematics, Göttingen offers a mathematics programme in an international atmosphere.

... is research-oriented.
The big tradition of mathematical research in Göttingen is apparent in many mathematical propositions and objects that are named after mathematicians who worked in Göttingen, like for example Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, the Riemann integral and the Noetherian ring. Also today mathematical research has a great emphasis that amongst others is visible by the great number of research cooperations.

... is interdisciplinary.
Mathematics comes to live via the exchange with other scientific disciplines. Göttingen provides students of mathematics with a broad offer of minor fields of study of seven possible subjects. In the Bachelor's programme with two subjects there exist 19 possibilities to combine with mathematics. A Master's degree in mathematics opens up the possibility to do a PhD in Göttingen, e. g. in an interdisciplinary graduate school of our department.