WP6 Communication of research process and visualisation of drought effects on forests (PI Marie Luisa Allemeyer)

Objective: The effects of climate change on the forest ecosystem are hard to register by means of human perception. Here we aim to bridge the gap between research data and human sensory experience by using 3D immersive scenarios, to communicate scientific methods and knowledge and promote both climate change and the values of science for political change management. 

Approach: Forum Wissen Göttingen will provide space and professional resources for the Digital Forest exhibition, focussing on the project’s objectives, methods and outcomes. At the centre of the exhibition, a virtual reality-experience (VR) will integrate animated research data from the Hainich site in a texturized 3D-point cloud of the site itself. Using 3D-headsets, visitors will be able to virtually explore the site and experience the monitoring of climate change in the forest ecosystem. After a period of 9 months, the exhibition will be transferred to the project partner Nationalparkzentrum Hainich (National Park Visitor Centre), to be shown for another 3 months.