Institut für Röntgenphysik

Institut für Röntgenphysik

Prof. Dr. Günter Schmahl, 1936 - 2018


Prof. Dr. Günter Schmahl, founder and head of the Institute for X-Ray Physics until his retirement in 2002, has died in Göttingen on Tuesday, August 14th. As pioneer of x-ray microscopy, he created a new research area, which he shaped significantly with his work. The method he had developed for the fabrication of Fresnel zone plates as x-ray lenses, as well as the conception of the Göttingen x-ray microscopes have been reproduced world-wide, and have a fruitful impact on numerous fields of applications. For the support of a large number of students, for his tireless commitment to our institute, and for his groundbreaking contributions to x-ray optics, x-ray microscopy and to the research with synchrotron radiation, we will always be grateful.

Our condolences go out to his family.

The Institut für Röntgenphysik (IRP; English: Institute for X-ray Physics) is dedicated to biophysical research and the development and application of modern x-ray scattering and imaging methods to complex fluids and biomolecular matter.
The main research tools are x-ray diffraction, coherent x-ray imaging, x-ray waveguide optics and holography, x-ray microscopy, various light microscopy methods (fluorescence, confocal, phase contrast, differential interference contrast), microfluidics and microstructuring. Experiments are carried out both in-house and at national and international synchroton radiation sources and neutron reactors.

Research Topics and Groups

Salditt Group "Structure of Biomolecular Assemblies and X-ray Physics"

lunge_3d_salditt The research aims of Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt's group are directed at the structure, dynamics, assembly and interaction of biological macromolecules in biomimetic lipid bilayer systems and biomaterials. Novel opportunities in structural research are provided by recent progress in x-ray focusing. read more

Köster Group "Cellular Biophysics"

IRP_startseite_zelle_koester The research group of Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster is dedicated to nanoscale imaging of cellular dynamics, by combining close-to-physiological sample environments and in situ imaging see research pages of the Köster group. read more

Techert Group "Structural Dynamics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy"

startseite_techert The professorship for structural dynamics and ultra-fast spectroscopy of Prof. Dr. Simone Techert is installed as a bridge research department between the Deutsche Elektronensynchrotron DESY and the Institut für Röntgenphysik at Göttingen University. read more