Tentative List of Invited Speakers

D. Alquier (Tours University, France)
Growth and process induced defects in GaN : effects on power devices

J. Godet (Poitiers University, France)
Atomistic approach of the brittle ductile transition in silicon at low dimensions through the understanding of dislocation and crack nucleation mechanisms

T. Kehagias (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece)
Resolving Structure and Strain Issues in Simple and Complex III-Nitride Nanowires

A. Kirkland (Oxford University, UK)

E. Ntsoenzok (Orleans, France)
10-100µm ultra-thin substrates produced by MeV hydrogen implantation in Si: fundamentals and applications

F. Panciera (Cambridge University, UK)
Nanoscale investigation of metal-semiconductor thin films and nano-structures

H. Savin (Aalto University, Finland)
The size distribution of iron precipitates in phosphorous-implanted emitters

S. Schäfer (Göttingen University, Germany)
Ultrafast transmission electron microscopy with nanoscopic electron sources

T. Sekiguchi (NIMS, Japan)
Control of extended defects in cast and seed cast Si ingots for photovoltaic application

T. Sinno (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
"Inherent landscape analysis of defect microstructure in crystalline materials"

E. Spiecker (Erlangen University, Germany)
Dislocations in Bilayer Graphene - Materials Science meets Physics

C. Trager-Cowan (University of Strathclyde,UK)
Electron Channelling Contrast Imaging of Extended Defects in III-Nitride Semiconductors

M. Trushin (St. Petersburg State University, Russia)
Enhancement of the carrier thermoemission from the electronic states at dislocation core due to attractive deformation potential