With its roughly 130 000 inhabitants including more than 25 000 students, one may argue about naming Göttingen a city or a town. It is situated in Lower Saxony right in the center of Germany. Göttingen Research Campus with the Georg-August Universität and several Max Planck Institutes clearly dominates the city's creative and unique atmosphere. 

Göttingen was founded in the 12th century AD at the small river Leine. Its roots go back to the village 'Gutingi' first mentioned in a document by Emperor Otto I in 953. As a member of the Hanseatic League (1351-1572) Göttingen was a rather wealthy town and places reminescent to this era can be found unto this day.

The foundation of the university (Georg-August-Universität, Georgia Augusta) in 1737 clearly marks the most important event in the city's history. At present, Georg-August university with 13 faculties covers a wide range of scientific disciplines. Also, more than 40 Nobel Prize winners are associated with the university.

EDS2014 will be held in the Physics Faculty building which is part of the university's North Campus where most of natural science departments can be found. The Physics Faculty building was inaugurated in 2003 and meanwhile hosts 10 departments covering various disciplines from nuclear physics to astrophysics. EDS2014 will take place in one of the lecture halls vis-à-vis the faculty's collection of historic instruments dating back to Lichtenberg, Gauss, Weber and their successors.

Conference location:
Lecture Hall 2 (Max-Born Hörsaal)
Faculty of Physics
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Goettingen