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Physics (B.Sc.)

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Our B.Sc. in Physics provides an insight into almost all topics of modern physics. Alongside the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the subject, a wide-ranging set of options permits a glance into the wider world. Key competence modules strengthen methodical and social abilities.
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Program: Physics (B.Sc.)
Final Award: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Course Length: 6 semesters
Enrolment: Winter semester
Language of the programme: German

Admission to the winter semester 2018/19:

  • 1st subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • 2nd to 6th subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): open admission (application to International Student Services)

Overview of the course
Our Bachelor degree program aims to provide students with a broad education in physics and neighboring disciplines. The curriculum has a strong emphasis in math and physics. The career opportunities for physics graduates are as diverse as the field itself. They include: research and development, management or administration in industrial laboratories or technical sales, electronic design or laser instrument research. Physics graduates may also enter a wide variety of graduate programs; for example Condensed Matter & Materials Sciences, Astro- and Particle Physics and Biophysics and Complex systems.

The classes of physics require a good basis of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and at a higher level English. This basis is the "Abiturwissen" of a basic physics course in German high school. Not all students take mathematics up to the end of school. We offer a preparatory course which is intended to bring all freshmen up to the same level. We highly recommend this class to students. It is currently only available in German.

Bachelor's degree programs impart scientific foundations, methodological competence and qualifications related to professional fields. The standard period of study (Regelstudienzeit) is 6 semesters or three years, respectively. Additionally, every study program offers the acquisition of profession-related qualifications ( Berufsbezogene Zusatzqualifikation - BZO). The study program consists of a number of modules; Modules comprise the relevant subjects or methodological and theoretical themes hierarchically structured study units. They may last one or more semesters. Usually, the sequence of the modules is fixed.

Credit points are granted for each successfully completed module. In a Bachelor's degree program, a total of 180 ECTS-credits (European Credit Transfer System) must be gained. The value of the credit points is in line with the (ECTS). They are to reflect the necessary timely work-load which the student has to invest. One credit point represents a supposed work-load of 30 hours. This includes regular attendance, preparation before and after classes, and the final module examination at the end of a module.