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Newest edition of v.Mangoldt/Klein/Starck Kommentars zum Grundgesetz published

GG Kommentar

Kommentar in 3 Bänden

Band 1: Präambel, Art. 1-19
Band 2: Art. 20-82
Band 3: Art. 83-146

Prof. Dr. Paulus has commented "Paulus/Starck, Artikel 5, in: v.Mangoldt/Klein/Starck, Kommentar zum Grundgesetz, published by Peter-M. Huber and Andreas Voßkuhle, Munich: C. H. Beck, 7. ed. 2018".

Conference 2018: "Unpacking Economic and Social Rights: International and Comparative Dimensions"
We are pleased to announce that the joint research project of the Institute of International and European Law of the University of Göttingen and the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law will be holding a conference 9 - 10 November 2018 in Göttingen, Germany under the title “Unpacking Economic and Social Rights: International and Comparative Dimensions”. More information can be found here.

The team of the University of Göttingen receives several awards at the Jessup German National Rounds 2018
Gruppenbild Jessup

Participants and Coaches

Back row: Konstantin Gast, Torben Schlüter, Lukas Sibinski

Middle row: Agata Daszko, Edith Eike

Front row: Gesche Butenschön, Jule Johannsen

This year, the National Rounds of the Philipp C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Team of 2018 took place in Kiel.
The Case concerning the Egart and the Ibra treated matters of interstate arbitral awards, the legality of using unmanned marine vessels, the international obligations relating to nuclear disarmament and the legitimacy of conduct of naval warfare after authorization by the United Nations Security Coucil.
Our team consisted of Gesche Butenschön, Agata Daszko, Edith Eike and Jule Johannsen, who all accomplished preeminent milestones on behalf of Georg-August-University Göttingen, and was coached by Konstantin Gast, Torben Schlüter and Lukas Sibinski.
The team advanced into the quarterfinals, proudly embracing 6th Place overall, and achieved numerous individual awards, of those the highly sought after Best Oralist Award, likewise the Best Oralist Third Place Award as well as Best Memorials Runner-Up Award and last but certainly not least the Best Applicant Memorial Award.
We congratulate our team most warmly for attaining these achievements with such an inspiring grounded and courteous attitude.