Prof. Dr. Angela Schwerdtfeger
Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht, insb. Verwaltungsrecht

Chair of Public Law, in particular Administrative Law – Prof. Dr. Angela Schwerdtfeger


In the upcoming winter semester 2022/2023, Prof. Dr. Angela Schwerdtfeger will offer a research colloquium on public law entitled “Conflict and consensus in the law”. The aim of the colloquium is to prepare students for independent legal research in their chosen area of specialisation.

Professor Schwerdtfeger has won third place in the teaching award for the best class at Göttingen University with up to 50 participants in winter semester 2020/21 and summer semester 2021. The award honours her research colloquium on public law. A report on this newly developed teaching format can be found in the current faculty newsletter (p. 13). In total, students had nominated more than 220 courses for the prize, which was awarded for the first time.

Together with the political scientist professor Simon Fink, professor Schwerdtfeger has succeeded in the “Discourses on the Future” programme of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony. The Ministry is funding their interdisciplinary project “Experiencing Politics and Law, Shaping the Future – Potentials and Limits of Citizen Participation in the Context of Climate Change” for 15 months with 120,000 €. Click here for further information.