IV. Physical Institute - Ropers group
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Selected Publications

  • Dynamics of Soliton Molecules (Science, 2017)

  • Unprecedented views into modelocking (Nature Photonics, 2016)

  • Quantum Coherent Manipulation of Free Electrons (Nature, 2015)

  • Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction (Science, 2014)

  • Terahertz Control of Nanotip Photoemission (Nature Physics, 2014)

  • Extreme-ultraviolet fluorescence in plasmonic nanostructures (Nature Physics, 2013)

  • Prof. Dr. Claus Ropers
    Tel.: +49 551 39-4549
    Raum: B.03.115
    Dr. Sascha Schäfer
    Tel.: +49 551 39-4576
    Raum: B.03.109
    Dr. Murat Sivis
    Tel.: +49 551 39-4535
    Raum: B.03.101A

    Recent Highlight: Dynamics of Solitons in Real-Time

    Soliton16_small In a recent publication, we study the dynamics of bound states of light pulses, so-called soliton molecules, in a femtosecond laser. Based on a novel real-time acquisition scheme, the experiments resolve the formation of soliton molecules and reveal their complex internal dynamics. The work was published in Science on April 7th 2017.

    Ultrafast Dynamics

    We investigate ultrafast electronic and structural dynamics in condensed matter systems. Employing laser-pump / electron-probe schemes in various configurations and at different energies, we develop and apply new experimental techniques based on imaging with ultrashort electron pulses from nanoscopic cathodes. Our activities include:


    We study highly nonlinear optical processes in metallic nanostructures. Specific topics include:

    • Localized photoemission from metal nanotips

    • Terahertz and mid-infrared control of nanostructure photoemission

    • Extreme-ultraviolet light generation in plasmonic structures

    • Lensless imaging using high harmonic radiation