List of Elective Compulsory Modules

For a detailed module description, please refer to the current module catalogue.

    Summer Term (SoSe):

  • M.Agr.0148 Policy analysis of international agri-environmental schemes
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. M. Wollni)
  • M.SIA.E05M Marketing research
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. K. Zander)
  • M.SIA.E12M Quantitative research methods in rural development economics
    (Göttingen, Dr. Debela)
  • M.SIA.E14 Evaluation of rural development projects and policies
    (Göttingen, Dr. Debela)
  • M.SIA.E18 Organization of food supply chains
    (Göttingen, Dr. C. Schaper)
  • M.SIA.E21 Rural sociology
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. C. Neu)
  • M.SIA.E24 Topics in rural development economics
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. M. Wollni)
  • M.SIA.E31 Strategic management
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. C. Herzig)
  • M.SIA.E 37 Agricultural policy analysis (jedes zweite SoSe)
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. S. v. Cramon-Taubadel)
  • M.SIA.E40 Agriculture, Environment and Development
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. M. Wollni)

  • Winter Term (WiSe):

  • M.SIA.E13M Microeconomic theory and quantitative methods of agricultural production
    (Göttingen, Dr. Bonke)
  • M.SIA.E33 Responsible and sustainable food business in global contexts
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. C. Herzig)
  • M.SIA.E34: Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services in
    Developing Countries
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. M.Wollni)
  • M.SIA.E 38 Scientific writing in Agricultural Economics
    (Göttingen, Dr. C. Schaper)
  • M.SIA.E43 Controversies around food
    (Göttingen, Prof. L. Colen)
  • M.SIA.I19M: Participatory research methods for sustainability
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. T. Plieninger)
  • M.WIWI-VWL.0008 Development Economics 1: Macro issues in economic development
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. A. Fuchs)

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