Biodiversität, Makroökologie und Biogeographie

Dr. Patrick Weigelt

Patrick Weigelt 1

Senior Scientist
email: pweigel[at]
phone: +49-(0)551-39-13761

Research Interests
I am interested in the distribution of plant life on earth, particularly across oceanic islands and island-like systems. Based on macroecological databases of plant distributions, I study past and present factors shaping today's diversity patterns of endemic, native and alien plant species. To disentangle anthropogenic, abiotic and biotic processes such as speciation and dispersal, I focus on the taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic composition and dissimilarity of regional floras at the macroecological scale, i.e. across large spatial and temporal extents.

I am a biologist by training with a background in Tropical plant ecology. During my PhD here at the Biodiversity, Macroecology and Biogeography group, I studied "the Macroecology of island floras". To this end, I developed a global database of island floras and characteristics that evolved into the Global Inventory of Floras and Traits (GIFT). GIFT is a global archive of regional plant checklists and floras, physical geographic, bioclimatic and socio-economic characteristics and plant functional traits. It allows for large-scale biogeographical and macroecological analyses based on plant species identities and regional species composition. In addition, I am a core-member of the Global Naturalized Alien Flora (GloNAF) initiative, a database project about the global distribution of alien plant species.

2004 - 2007: B.Sc. in Biological Diversity and Ecology, University of Göttingen
Advisors: S. Robbert Gradstein & Michael Kessler

2007 - 2010: M.Sc. in Biological Diversity and Ecology, University of Göttingen
Advisors: Michael Kessler & Karsten Wesche

2008: Exchange term at University of Turku, Finland
Advisors: Hanna Tuomisto & Kalle Ruokolainen

2010 - 2013: Ph.D. in Biological Diversity and Ecology, University of Göttingen
Advisors: Holger Kreft & Michael Kessler


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* equally contributing authors


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