The members of our lab are involved in teaching of a broad variety of lectures, seminars, practical classes and field courses ranging from plant identification and forest ecology over biogeography and macroecology to soft skills like scientific writing and statistical programming. A selection of Master and PhD level courses is listed below. The full list of classes can be found here.

Botanical/Biogeographical excursion – Triglav NP
(MSc, English, winter term)

This ten-day long field excursion to the Triglav National Park in Slovenia will teach students advanced principles of plant adaptations, climate and vegetation zones, elevational gradients, and conservation.
Compulsory planning meeting: Winter semester at FSR 1.4 (Büsgenweg 1, 1st floor)

Contact: fbrambach(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Modern concepts and methods in macroecology and biogeography
(MSc, lecture and computer practical, English, summer term)

The course introduces students to the principles and modern methods in macroecology and biogeography.

Contact: pweigel(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Teaching - Macroecology

Scientific literature and you! Reading, writing and publishing
(PhD, seminar, English, winter term)

Students will learn methods to write better in English and to plan and write a well-structured manuscript, essay or grant application.

Contact: amanda.taylor(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Teaching - Scientific Writing

Quantifizierung und Analyse von Biodiversität
(MSc, lecture and computer practical, German, summer term)

Einführung in Konzepte zur Quantifizierung und Analyse von Biodiversität.

Contact: hkreft(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Teaching - Biodiversiät

Spezielle Waldökologie
(MSc, lecture & seminar, German, winter term)

Zielgerichteter Umgang mit Originalliteratur zu naturschutzrelevanten waldökologischen Themen. Fähigkeit zur Aufarbeitung und Wiedergabe von komplexen, interdisziplinären Fragestellungen zur Ökosystemforschung und zur Einschätzung ihrer naturschutzfachlichen Bedeutung.

Contact: hkreft(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Teaching - Waldökologie

Non timber forest products and biodiversity conservation
(MSc, lecture & seminar, English, winter term)

The course covers basic taxonomy, ecology, and economic and cultural importance of major non-timber forest products, including basic concepts of wildlife ecology and conservation, including habitat requirements, population dynamics, and predator-prey relationships.

Contact: hkreft(at)uni-goettingen.de
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Teaching - non-timber

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
(MSc, lecture & seminar, English, summer term)

Students will learn and discuss concepts and implications related to the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Contact: nathaly.guerrero-ramirez(at)forst.uni-goettingen.de
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