Prof. Dr. Edgar Onea

After having finished his studies and doctoral dissertation at the University of Heidelberg in 2005, Victor Edgar Onea Gáspár has concentrated his research on the semantics-pragmatics interface at the University of Stuttgart, as a member of the SFB 732 “Incremental Specification in Context”. In particular, he has studied the interpretation of Hungarian and Mongolian focus, the scopal and epistemic properties of indefinites in Russian and Romanian, and the conventional meaning of German discourse particles. Since October 2010, he is the leader of the Junior Research Group “Theoretical Linguistics”, which aims at a better understanding and formal modeling of the linguistic properties of larger texts with experimental and mathematical methods. The crucial question to be pursued in the research group is how, on the one hand, linguistic form influences the computation of discourse structure and how, on the other hand, discourse structure influences the interpretation of linguistic utterances. The collaboration with the literature and the psychology project provides significant interdisciplinary benefit.