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Since 1999, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has financially supported German Universities to organise, establish and execute systematically 'Alumni Networks' of the former graduates from German Universities coming from abroad.

The main objectives of the Alumni-Networks are:

  • to establish and maintain a database about the German Alumni

  • to facilitate the exchange of ideas and scientific experience between scientists from the region and German scientists and to secure long-term contacts between German universities and higher education institutions in the region

  • to establish a mutual alumni network in institutions of higher education in the region

  • CBL-SeTSAF, formerly Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry, the Institute for Socio-cultural Studies, University of Kassel - Witzenhausen (ISOS) and the Department of Economics Institute for Co-operation in Developing Countries, University of Marburg (ICDC) established a consortium to organise symposia - cum - workshops in the Egypt-Arab-Region, South-East Asian Region and Latin America with their alumni. In the following years, networking was extended and currently addresses Alumni of all German instituations and includes severalof professional networks.