SP Z: Project Management

The overall project management (administration, scientific controlling of milestones, evaluation of workshops, dissemination seminars, stakeholder workshops, publicity and strengthening bilateral collaboration of estate agencies) will be carried out by the Central Co-ordination Office in Göttingen (speaker, Post-doc scientific administrator), directly linked with the Research Service of the University of Göttingen. This office will have to deal with the tasks related to the general co-ordination and administration of the overall program:

  • Serving as contact point for the subprojects (SP) in case of queries concerning the project as a whole
  • Coordination of meetings of the Management Board (MB) and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Organization and coordination of Central Workshops, Networking Workshops (Development of the Decision Support Systems) and Communication Workshops
  • Preparing meetings and committees at different levels, collecting all relevant information and warranting the flow of information within Carbiocial
  • Communicating with relevant institutions and organizations in Germany and in Brazil
  • Representing Carbiocial vis-à-vis to the BMBF and CNPq, Brazilian partner institutions, German subproject administration etc.
  • Administering funds of SP Z, SP01 and Göttingen part of SP02
  • Editing the reports, editing central publications
  • Public relations