CarbioCAC: Carbon Credit Decision Support System

The CAC-module (CArbon Credits) is an integrative component of the Carbiocial structure. It shall coordinate the work of all sub projects working at the plot scale as pointed out in figure 1. In this way CAC will bring together the scientists and there works to assess land use and land use change on a comprehensive way to integrate all get-at-able information on carbon stocks and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission for the plot. Additional it will consider possible influences to adjacent plots (e.g. due to erosion). The goal is to develop together with our Brazilian partners and local stakeholders a computer based decision support platforms, which are adapted to the regional specification of southern Amazonia. The way from the plot to the regional model and the included sub module are illustrated in Figure 2. Additionally an easy to use tool should be “extracted” from the model fusion which will be particularly useful for farmer organisations and local politics but for state and federal governments and the scientific community as well. However, the latter will most likely be more interested in the joint models, which will be useful for more regional up to global politics as well. Both carbon credits tools will support the finding of optimized land use management options and regard to their individual potential impact of climate change. The main goal is to help to find adaptation to minimize future health risks and impacts and keep up a maximum of yields.

Figure 1: Involved Sub projects in the CAC- module.

Figure 2: Conceptual diagram of the sub model integration into a regional decision support platform (Carbon Credits).