Call for Papers - ECIS 2020: Digital Customer Experiences and Interactions

Im Rahmen der europäischen Konferenz zum Thema Informationssysteme (ECIS2020) bietet Manuel Trenz gemeinsam mit Christian Matt (Universität Bern) und Juliana Sutanto (University of Lancaster) einen Track zum Thema „Digital Customer Experiences and Interactions” an. 

Mögliche Themenfelder für Forschungsbeiträge sind unter anderem:
  • Digital customer experiences across virtual and physical environments
  • Multichannel and omnichannel experiences
  • Development and management of digital customer experience
  • Digitized customer journeys across dynamic product lifecycles (e.g., smart products…)
  • New technologies for improved customer experiences (e.g. virtual or augmented reality, wearables, beacons)
  • Customer interactions with and in digital environments
  • The interplay between individuals’ and technologies’ decisions (e.g., through smart assistants, artificial intelligence, …)
  • Characteristics and nature of interactions between customers and technology (e.g., emotions, trustworthiness, habit…)
  • Active and empowered customers as creators and providers of goods and services (e.g., sharing products, sharing services, reselling, …)
  • Interdependencies between individuals’ existing devices and service portfolios on future decisions and interactions
  • Outcomes of digitized customers
  • Positive impacts (e.g., convenience, happiness, efficiency, informedness, feeling valued, trust,…)
  • Negative impacts (e.g., manipulation, reduced autonomy, reduced creativity, surveillance, privacy loss, well-being, …)
  • Indirect impacts on third parties (e.g., competition, product designers, vendors, society, …)
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Einreichungsfrist: 29.11.2019