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On Pure Ternary Exponential Diophantine Equations

Titel der Veranstaltung On Pure Ternary Exponential Diophantine Equations
Reihe MathematischeGesellschaft
Veranstalter Mathematisches Institut
Referent/in Prof. Huilin Zhu
Einrichtung Referent/in Xiamen University
Veranstaltungsart Kolloquium
Kategorie Forschung
Anmeldung erforderlich Nein
Beschreibung In this talk, we give a survey about pure ternary exponential Diophantine equations and some developments in results as well as in tools.
These tools include Baker's method, the Bilu-Hanrot-Voutier Theorem about the existence of primitive divisors of Lucas numbers and Lehmer numbers,
algebraic number theory methods, and others. We generalize the conjectures of Jesmanowicz, Terai-Cao-Le and Yuan-Han and also present
some results that we proved and plan to further improve in this area.
Zeit Beginn: 18.07.2019, 16:15 Uhr
Ende: 18.07.2019 , 17:15 Uhr
Ort Mathematisches Institut (Bunsenstr 3-5)
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