Actors, Power, Interests as Drivers of Community Forestry

Supervision: Prof. Krott

Coordination: Dr. Carsten Schusser


Researchers: Manjola Salla, Mbolo C. Yufanyi Movuh, Duy Bach Ngo, Haiyun Y. Chen, Ting Zhu, Carsten Schusser, Rosan Devkota (former), Ahmad Maryudi (former), Anne Itubo (M.Sc: student), Karren Small (M.Sc. Student)

Founding: DFG, DAAD, KAAD, Hans Boeckler Foundation, MoET Vietnam, GGG, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung

Research Countries: Albania, Cameroon, China, Germany, Indonesia, Namibia, Nepal, Vietnam, Guyana and Kenya

Start: October 2007

Project Objective: The research focuses on the role of powerful actors in community forestry, to determine whether forests are managed sustainably, whether local people are empowered and whether poverty is reduced. The results are generated through the analysis of actor-centered power and of the interest of the powerful actors within a community forest network, as well as through the analysis of economical, social and ecological outcomes in the respective community forest. The research takes place in 8 countries around the world.

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Conference Papers

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Poster Presentations

  • Schusser, C. (2012). Empowering the communities? The role of powerful actors in community forestry- A Namibian case study. Forstpolitiktreffen Baden-Baden, Germany, 27-30 March 2012