DFG project:

Dynamics of the Malvinas Current (MC) and Brazil-Malvinas Confluence (BMC) in the southwestern South Atlantic since the late Quaternary

A transect study of marine sediment cores from the BMC and the MC are planned in this project. The stability of the BMC and the strength of the MC since the LGM will be reconstructed through analysis of the palynological fossil records. In addition, regional latitudinal variations in the BMC and their impact on the local marine as well as the adjacent continental environment and climate will be investigated as well.
This project aims to
(i) detect the responses of calcareous- and organic-walled dinocysts and vegetation to the latitudinal shift the BMC and intensity of BC during late Quaternary;
(ii) identify the drivers that have controlled latitudinal changes in BMC since the LGM. The outcomes of this study will provide a strong scientific basis, which is needed for climate models to reduce uncertainty in future climate projections.

Funding: DFG