In unserer Abteilung werden mit Hilfe der Pollenanalyse, holzanatomischer Untersuchungen und der Beurteilung pflanzlicher Makroreste Rekonstruktionen der Pflanzendecke und des Klimas durchgeführt.

Aktuelle Projekte sind:


  • Holocene vegetation and disturbance dynamics in Araucaria araucana forests of southern South America: towards a scientific basis for conservation

  • Quantifying postglacial climate and vegetation dynamics of the forest-steppe ecotone in northern Patagonia, Argentina

  • Holocene vegetation and climate of central-west Argentina: understanding past ecosystem dynamics

  • Late-Glacial and Holocene vegetational stability of southern South America

  • Afrika

  • Untersuchungen zur spätquatären Umweltdynamik (Vegetation, Klima, Böden, Feuer und anthropogener Einfluss) am Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • Multi-proxy micropaleontological studies on Holocene climate change and biodiversity history in Western Desert, Egypt

  • Asien

  • Long-term vegetation dynamics along altitudinal and longitudinal gradients in the Hyrcanian forest region (northern Iran) and the role of climate, sea level change, fire and anthropogenic impacts during the late Quaternary

  • Using the biological and chemical diversity in Iranian honey for successful beekeeping and bee care

  • Economic revival of Iranian licorice (ERIL), from farm to market

  • Studies on vegetation, fire, climate and human history in the mid- to late Holocene. A contribution to protection and management of the forest-steppe biome in the Mongolian Altai

  • Segara Anakan Lagoon

  • Palynological studies of the grasslands and assessment of the grassland - dynamics in space and time

  • EFForTS-CRC990 - A01 - Long-term vegetation dynamics, plant phenology and plant-pollinator interactions in rainforest and rainforest transformations in central Sumatra

  • Europa

  • Dynamics of Mid-latitude/Mediterranean climate during the last 150 ka: Black Sea /Northern Anatolian Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions

  • Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

  • Quantitative reconstructions of past land cover change – A basis for evaluating consequences of Global change for vegetation

  • Quantitative reconstructions of past land cover change

  • Towards pollen accumulation rates as a measure of plant abundance – a case study in NE-Germany

  • Deutschland

  • Human impact and environmental changes as reflected in the central sediment of the cirque lakes in the Northern Black Forest

  • Dendrochronologie in Norddeutschland

  • Dendroökologische Untersuchungen von Grubenhölzern am "Rammelsberg" bei Goslar und der Grube "Roter Bär" bei St. Andreasberg. Ein Beitrag der Montanarchäologie im Harz zur Erschließung eines Bergbau- und Umweltarchivs

  • Dendroökologische Untersuchungen subfossiler Moor-Kiefernwälder in Niedersachsen