Lunch meets Abschlussarbeiten

Lunch meets Abschlussarbeiten (LMA) is the chair's colloquium on final theses and project studies. Students who are currently writing their Master's thesis or Project Studies paper present their progress or results and discuss them in an enjoyable atmosphere. We invite all students that are generally interested in our chair's research, interested in writing a final thesis at our chair, or those who are already doing so to attend. LMA takes place in an on-site format with a maximum of four presentations per session. After the presentations, students will have the opportunity to have lunch and get in touch with the team.

To register for a presentation, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with all the necessary information.

Please also register for the event if you are planning to attend as a spectator. The colloquium is generally scheduled for the last tuesday of every month, though exceptions may occur - we will inform you about the exact date and schedule once you've registered via the form below. The event will take place depending on the number of participants.

Your benefits:

  • Valuable tips from the professor, his associates, and other students concerning your final thesis
  • Exciting presentations of students' theses
  • Exchange of ideas

Registration for LMA

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