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Two Research papers accepted for publication in Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Research Paper August 2019
Source: SWEG

Two papers have been accepted for publication in the Special Issues on “Advances in Alternative Fuel Vehicles” and “Young People’s Behavior” of the Journal Transportation Research Part D [VHB: B].

  • Herrenkind, B.; Brendel, A.B.; Nastjuk, I.; Greve, M..; Kolbe, L.M. (2019): Investigating End-User Acceptance of Autonomous Electric Buses to Accelerate Diffusion, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment - Special Issue “Advances in Alternative Fuel Vehicles”. (forthcoming) [VHB: B]

  • Herrenkind, B.; Nastjuk, I.; Brendel, A.B.; Trang, S.; Kolbe, L.M. (2019): Young People’s Travel Behavior – Using the Life-Oriented Approach to Understand the Acceptance of Autonomous Driving, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment - Special Issue “Young People’s Behavior”. (forthcoming) [VHB: B]

New project about mobility needs of recently immigrated people


Oftentimes, people that recently immigrated to Germany are accommodated decentrally in rural regions. Mobility opportunities in these regions are often limited and, above all, difficult for newcomers to understand. Within the scope of our project MAZ, we address this problem, together with the County of Northeim, by introducing a mobile application. This app simplifies the access to mobility for newly immigrated people by a simple application design and language translation. Additionally, it offers a connection to voluntary helpers and authorities. For more information click here.

Successful dissertation by Dr. Daniel Leonhardt

Dissertation Leonhard

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Leonhardt who successfully completed his doctorate with a thesis on "Organizing for Digital Innovation - The Role of the IT Function".

We would like to thank Daniel for his contribution and commitment over the past years. We all enjoyed working with him and wish him all the best for his future.

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