Professur für Informationsmanagement

Professur für Informationsmanagement

New project for a better diagnose system of diabetes and hypertension in eSwatini, Africa


Diabetes and hypertension have developed into a significant global burden especially in low and middle-income countries. The WHO-PEN@Scale project supports the idea of community-based care to relieve overburdened hospitals and increase the number of diagnosed and treated people. For more information click here.

New project for a sustainable Pedelec-Sharing-System


Pedelecs are an attractive and at the same time environmentally friendly alternative to cars to cover long distances quickly and without great effort. On January 1st, our project in cooperation with local partners has started with the goal of developing a sustainable information system which aims to achieve a permanent significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with regard to commuting and business trips. For more information click here.

New project with the port of Hamburg


On January 1, the SMRG will start the “Flexibilitätsmanagement und Regelenergiebereitstellung von Schwerlastfahrzeugen im Hafen (FRESH)”- project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The project is a joint project together with HHLA Container-Terminal Altenwerder GmbH, Next Kraftwerke GmbH and OFFIS e.V. The main objective of the project for the research group is an investigating of the economic efficiency for battery capacity bundling in a closed transportation system. You can find more information about the project here.

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