Professur für Informationsmanagement

Professur für Informationsmanagement

Presentation of Seminar Projects at the FinTech Group AG


Participants of the Master seminar "Machine Learning Solutions for Business Practice" have presented their works and interesting insights into financial data analytics at the headquarters of the FinTech Group AG. We are looking forward to further cooperations with the FinTech Group AG for developing interesting and relevant machine learning applications for the financial industry.

Aligning with new research opportunities within the context of future mobility – The “new” Smart Mobility Research Group

new SMRG small
Due to the growing pervasiveness of digital innovation in sustainable and intelligent solutions in the mobility context, we increasingly encounter and anticipate digital technologies (e.g. Machine Learning, Mobile Applications and Digital Platforms) within our research and practice projects. In order to find stronger resemblance of our research activities, we decided to rename our research group to “Smart Mobility Research Group”. We will increasingly incorporate and evaluate the impacts of digital technologies in our research contexts, while maintaining a green vision and striving towards sustainable and smart mobility solutions.

Articles accepted for presentation at the European Conference of Information Systems 2018 (ECIS2018)

We are happy to announce that the following articles were accepted for presentation at the European Conference of Information Systems 2018 in Portsmouth, UK (23.06.-28.06.2018):

  • Intelligent Road Maintenance: A Machine Learning Approach for Surface Defect Detection (Chatterjee, S.; Saeedfar, P.; Tofangchi, S.; Kolbe, L. M.)
  • Design Science Research in Green IS - Analyzing the Past to Guide Future Research (Brendel, A. B.; Zapadka, P.; Kolbe, L. M.)