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Biodiversity patterns and processes across landscapes differing in local habitat composition and configuration

I am interested in understanding how landscape structure modulates the relationships between biodiversity, ecosystems processes and ecosystem services. I did my master in the Landscape Ecology and Conservation Lab (USP, Brazil) focusing on the biological control of a coffee pest provided by birds and bats. In my PhD I am working on butterfly-plant interactions in calcareous grasslands. I will first analyze the temporal and spatial variations in these interactions in 31 landscapes with compositional and configurational gradients. Later I will work on how to use this knowledge for the better management of calcareous grasslands in the context of agri-environmental schemes. My PhD is part of the research training group ?Scaling problems in statistics? (RTG 1644) an interdisciplinary working group aiming to find solutions to problems of scale that arise in areas of scienti?c and public interest.

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