M.Cp.0010 Plant Pathology and Plant Protection Seminar

Study program MSc Crop Protection
Type of module Elective
Lecture type Seminar, 2 SWS
Credits 3 ECTS
Language English
Access No prerequisites
Workload 90h, 28h contact, 62 self-study
Exam Presentation of ca. 20min
Exam prerequisites Participation in 12 seminars
Number of students max 30
Operating institution Plant Pathology and Crop Protection Division, Department of Crop Sciences; Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IfZ, Göttingen)
Lecturers/Examiners Koopmann, von Tiedemann, Varrelmann
Coordinator Koopmann
Semester, Duration Winter- and summer term
Venue L44
Time Tuesdays during semester, 16:15

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In this seminar scientific projects, targets of research and results of research projects will be presented and discussed by the MSc students and members of the research staff. Techniques of presentation and the ability to critically review and discuss research results will be practiced which will suggest and lead to new thoughts for further research projects.



Students will learn, to present, discuss and defend their own individual research project. They will be able to critically discuss scientific results and provide suggestions for improvement.

Informations taken from the Study Guide Crop Protection 10/2010