P2: CARMENES Photometry Project

The two MONET-telescopes in Texas and South Africa and the PTST-telescope located at the La Sagra Observatory in central Spain offer the capability for observations of stars for Exoplanet detection and characterization.


  • Characterization of photometric variability of CARMENES targets to examine the correlation with their spectral variability
  • Search and follow-up of CARMENES targets with detected RV-variations for full characterization of planetary systems

Project Outline:

  • Scheduling observation time between MONET and PTST (coordinated with CARMENES WP 3060 (photometry)) and using archival and literature data for determination of Prot we calculate the photometric variability for comparison with the spectral variations.
  • We observe CARMENES planets respectively planet candidates for transits during their predicted transit windows to collect data and detect and characterize CARMENES planets.
  • We observe detected planets to analyse the influence of the RM-effect, their atmospheres and the stellar's spot density, with the aim of full characterization of planetary systems.