FOR 2544

DFG Forschergruppe "Blue Planets around Red Stars"

The search for Earth-like planets is one of the biggest scientific quests of our days. In the last 20 years we have discovered that stars with planets are the rule rather than the exception. We also know that nature is capable of forming very diverse planetary systems with orbits, densities, and planetary atmospheres that are very different from the planets in our solar system. Recently, we have begun investigating atmospheres of extrasolar planets with the goal to find and characterize Earth analogs.

The DFG Research Unit 2544 "Blue Planets around Red Stars" consists of researchers from the Institut für Astrophysik Göttingen, Landessternwarte Heidelberg, the Max-Planck Institute für Astronomie, Hamburger Sternwarte, and the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg. Our aim is to discover and better understand extrasolar planets and their host stars. We are using data from the CARMENES instrument at Calar Alto observatory, Spain. The projects are carried out in close collaboration with our Spanish partners.


Press releases:
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