P6: Planetary System Dynamics

Not only is it intuitive that stars with one planet might have another or more planets but of the 71 currently known M-dwarfs with planets at least 21 host multiplanetary systems. Also, it is highly probable that CARMENES will find many more. Therefore, analysing and understanding the dynamics of planetary systems is constructive and may lead to a better understanding of planetary formation.


  • Dynamical analysis of multiplanetary systems to be discovered by CARMENES
  • Derivation of additional constraints on orbital architectures
  • Statistical distribution of system configurations
  • Assessment of possible formation scenarios

Project Outline:

  • We analyse the dynamical stability of CARMENES multiplanetary systems by coupling dynamical models with a bootstrapping approach in order to constrain the orbital parameter range.
  • We re-analyse previous results of single planet systems around M-dwarfs for possible additional companions.
  • Injecting additional planets into the habitable zones of known M dwarf systems with planets, we assess the possiblity of as yet undetected planets in the habitable zones from a dynamical point of view.
  • A statistical analysis of the occurrence rate of resonances or mutually inclined orbits might lead to constraints on possible formation scenarios.