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John Dixon qualified in medicine having studied at Oxford University and Guy's Hospital, London. Initially, he trained as a surgeon (A&E, orthopaedic, thoracic, general and ENT surgery), became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh, before becoming a GP and Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (experienced in paediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics & gynaecology. Since 2003, John has completed an MBA at Warwick University Business School while working as a Primary Care Trust project manager before he spent five years as Director of Medical Communications in a UK medical communications agency. In 2013, he became a freelance trainer in scientific writing and medical writer, and is now Director of Libra Scientific Communications Ltd.
Throughout his career, John has enjoyed teaching and being taught, and the peer-reviewed academic literature has been central to his work. His consulting and training interests include supporting researchers, medical communications agencies and medical equipment companies to ensure their scientific communications are accurate, understandable and use appropriate language. John aims to help scientists from a broad range of disciplines make the most of their research throughout their careers. John’s clients are universities, research institutes and medical communications agencies, for which he provides workshops in scientific writing, presentation delivery, publication planning and research grant application. He is also on EMWA’s Professional Development Committee, which oversees and ensures the quality of all workshops provided by EMWA. Recently, John has co-authored a book: How to Publish in Biomedicine. 500 Tips for Success.
Dr Neela Enke, a coach, mediator and biologist, graduated with a PhD in Biology from the Free University of Berlin. She carried out various research projects for 10 years, was involved in teaching, project coordination and promotion of young talent at various universities and research institutions in Germany, France, Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic. She is a trained mediator with a focus on conflicts in research organisations. As a coach for research and administrative staff, professors, team leaders and teams she is offering workshops on career development in research, leadership, as well as diversity and conflict management. Furthermore she is involved as a board member in the coaching network of science and actively involved in the Fachverband Gender Diversity in the Bundesverband Mediation and in the ProFiL network association (Professionalisierung für Frauen in Forschung & Lehre).
Dr Matteo Garavoglia is Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies and Adjunct Professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Previously, he was the Italy Program Fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Centre on the United States and Europe and Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nietze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington DC. Matteo was educated at the universities of London (SOAS), Paris (Sciences Po) and Berlin (FUB). He lived in twelve countries across four continents and speaks English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Matteo worked with Impulsplus for over a decade and provides workshops on the following subjects: “Almost there: preparing for the viva defense"; “Team communication: key roles and intercultural contexts”; "Rhetoric and speaking in public: an introduction to theory and practice"; "Leading teams in academia: multiple perspectives for greater effectiveness"; “Visible and influential: networking at conferences and across cultures”; “Just landed: an introduction to life and academia in Germany”; “Paid to research: how to prepare successful funding applications”; “Clear, engaging and persuasive: academic writing to stand out”; ”Closing the gap: gender awareness training for men in academia” and “Leading the leader: lateral leadership to manage your bosses and supervisors”.
After ending her legal studies and having fully qualified as an attorney Barbara Hoffbauer has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources management of different companies where she developed and deployed a variety of personal recruiting instruments from job interview to assessment center. Postgraduate business studies and qualifications as organization consultant, trainer and coach complement her academic background. In 2008 she founded KEPOS and has worked since on behalf of non-university research centers and universities with doctoral students and postdocs in the field of life science and others on questions regarding their professional orientation and their career objectives. She trains groups in the development of personal career goals and in all phases of the application process. Moreover, she advises experienced scientists at the transition into alternative careers outside academia. Beside her legal expertise in employment and academic law she is well-versed in the conception and execution of workshops and in the professional use of counseling and coaching tools. After a multiple-year leave of absence she resumed a main occupation as head of personnel and organisation in the public service in 2017.
Anna Kreuzer is a certified coach and senior member of the federal association for coaching. Originally trained as ethnologist she held various leadership and management positions in international contexts (e.g. with GIZ in Russia and West Africa). She has strong expertise in questions on leadership, change management, team development and (intercultural) communication. Since 2004 she has successfully been working as coach, moderator and mediator at Kreuzer One.
Dr Matthias Merkelbach, a proficient coach certified by the Coaching Academy Stuttgart, is an expert in career strategy and team communication. The studied philosopher and Germanist has years of professional experience as a journalist, author of books and lecturer. Until 2011, he was the educational director of ISD GmbH, Stuttgart, responsible for the training program for international companies. Since 2009, as a trainer and seminar leader for Impulsplus, he has worked successfully with over 1000 doctoral candidates and post-docs on topics such as career planning, application, team building or communication in science and business.
Dr Silke Oehrlein-Karpi has been working as a coach and a trainer for scientists since 2008. Before becoming a coach, she led a project group for the Collaborative Research Centre 490 in Mainz. During those ten years she worked as a biologist in the field of medical basic research and gained a lot of experience in setting up and successfully leading scientific projects. In terms of her current work, she uses her "insider knowledge" from her time in academia combined with her resource-oriented and diversity-related coaching perspective on individuals. She is a member of the Coachingnetz Wissenschaft e.V. Her group coaching workshops inspire, motivate and empower the participants in order to improve their self-efficacy regarding upcoming work situations and projects. More about her activities, you can find here.
Gaby Schilling
Dr Gaby Schilling studied Chemistry and did her doctoral studies in solid state chemistry. For more than 17 years, she held various leading positions in an internationally operating DAX 30 company in Germany and the US and was heading teams of experts and managers in science, product development and product safety. She has thus gained profound first-hand experience in all phases of collaboration with employees – from recruitment over career development and promotion to change of career. Qualifications to business coach and team coach complement her practical experience.
Since 2012, Gaby Schilling has been working as coach and consultant for natural scientists in leadership positions. She also runs workshops and trains groups whereby the main focus is on the transition from science into industry and taking over leadership tasks. Find out more about her activities here .
Nadine Sinclair
Dr Nadine Sinclair is a strategy consultant, executive coach and entrepreneur, who started her career as a molecular biologist. Nadine completed her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in the group of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lührmann. Straight after her PhD, she switched career paths and joined McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant. In the last few years, Nadine has founded several businesses, one of which she recently sold to an industry leader. She also trained as a Co-Active Coach and is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner. In the past decade, she has been serving clients in various industries and has worked with individuals, startups, foundations, large corporations and governments in more than 20 countries. Her latest venture helps executives and entrepreneurs make changes to habitual thought processes and behaviors based on the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology. Nadine Sinclair’s LinkedIn Profile
As a coach specialised in stress management and burnout prevention, Paul works with high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Building on insights from neuroscience, cognitive science and behavioural economics, he helps his clients stay emotionally healthy through the ups and downs of running a business while delivering top performance under pressure. Paul started his career as a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer with the British Royal Navy. As part of an elite group of submariners, he served during the Falkland’s conflict and the cold war and participated in several high-stake missions that remain classified until this day. Paul’s short bio