Creative Career Management

Responsible person
Jutta Schwarz
19th Nov 9:30 - 17:30
20th Nov 9:00 - 17:00
21st Nov 9:00 - 17:00
Tagungszentrum an der Sternwarte
Seminarraum 2

Geismar Landstraße 11
37083 Göttingen
Number of students
Please send an email until 31.10.2018 to

Seminars objectives: A workshop for creative career development and pursuing an individual professional path. Every person is unique, presenting an original combination of talents, skills, values, needs and interests. People who have recognized their unique potential have a valuable guiding tool for setting fulfilling goals and are able to actively proceed on a successful career. The goal of the two (+one) day workshop is to survey this unique potential, to refine, which of all possibilities are of real importance to oneself, to understand the fabrics and tools of a self- guided career, and to move first steps on this path.

Contents/Goals: The seminar focuses on an analysis of the individual abilities/core competences of the participants, which could later be building blocks of a professional career. Further aspects are personal interests, values, working conditions (salary etc.) and people we meet in the job. From these, the participants put together a differentiated picture step by step, which in essence describes their "dream job" and serves as an "anchor" and orientation in the future. The participants learn an interview method with which they check their ideas for their suitability for reality and build up a network. They develop their personal vision and systematically plan their next steps. Career planning is never complete. The participants receive the necessary expert knowledge about the modern job market and its current requirements and learn a method that can enable them to steer their professional path more and more by themselves in the future.

Didactic approach: The approach in the seminar is both creative and systematic. We work with the method of the world-famous career consultant Richard Nelson Bolles ("What Color Is Your Parachute?") and combine it with approaches of systemic coaching and the career anchor of Ed Schein. Short theoretical inputs are followed by practical exercises. These help to leave the usual paths of thought and to overcome one's own blockades. The participants' own potential is developed and expanded, their trust in themselves and their own path is strengthened.

Exercises/homework: Fourteen days before the course starts and a week before the course starts, some exercises will be sent to you which you are asked to work on.

Admission requirements: Students of GFA, other PhD students if free places are available

Cancellation policy:

Your registration for courses and workshops offered by the GFA is binding. If you want to cancel your registration later than three weeks prior to the workshop start date, you have to provide a physician's note, otherwise you will be barred from registering for GFA courses for the period of one year.

Absence policy

To earn credits for a workshop/course, you must not miss more than 10% of total contact hours. In most cases, this will be less than a day. If it is inevitable that you miss more than a whole day, please notify us well in advance (at least one week).