Flexibilitätsmanagement und Regelenergiebereitstellung von Schwerlastfahrzeugen im Hafen (FRESH)


Partner: HHLA Container-Terminal Altenwerder GmbH, Next Kraftwerke GmbH, OFFIS e.V.

Project duration: 01/2019-12/2021

Funding: Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Methods: Interviews, Workshops, Explorative Cost-Analysis

The FRESH-project's main objective is to bundle the battery capacities of a closed transport system with a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles to form a flexible offer that is optimized in the overall view of the system, taking into account the logistical requirements. The optimized combination of flexibility is based on forecasting methods. It is carried out in a decentralized approach and extends existing approaches to autonomous control to holistic autonomous flexibility management for fleet applications. The system uses both historical and current measurement data from the existing comprehensive energy management system.

Within the framework of the FRESH project, the SMRG takes over the task of analyzing the economic efficiency and estimating the system's transferability for the provision of network control power. In the system, the battery capacities of a closed transport system, consisting of a fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), are to be bundled to provide network control power. In addition to technical aspects (hardware and software), this project also has an economic dimension (costs and revenues). Various factors such as battery wear, changes in electricity prices, or predictability influence the system's economic efficiency and are considered in the project.
The aim is to carry out a holistic evaluation of all relevant influencing factors in close coordination with the project partners of the project consortium to enable a comprehensive economic evaluation of the intended provision of network control power based on the electric vehicle fleet.

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