Dr. Anna Paule

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2018: Near Eastern Materials, Near Eastern Techniques, Near Eastern Inspiration: Colourful Jewellery from Prehistoric, Protohistoric and Archaic Cyprus. In S. Di Paolo (Hrsg.), The Composite Artefacts in the Ancient Near East. Exhibiting an Imaginative Materiality, Showing a Genealogical Nature. Oxford: Archaeopress, 85-96.


2017: Re-examining Protohistoric and Cypro-Geometric Jewellery from Cyprus. Results from Studies Undertaken at the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens. In L. Bombardieri/M. Amadio/F. Dolcetti (Hrsg.), Ancient Cyprus, an Unexpected Journey. Communities in Continuity and Transition. Proceedings of the 15thAnnual Meeting of Postgraduate Cypriote Archaeology. Rom: Artemide, 117-132.


2016: The Development of Protohistoric Jewellery from Cyprus and the Aegean: An Analysis with Special Reference to Signs of Cultural Interconnections. In R. Maguire/J. Chick (Hrsg.), Approaching Cyprus. Proceedings of the Post-Graduate Conference of Cypriot Archaeology (PoCA) held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, 1st-3rdNovember 2013. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 40-59.


2015: Viewing the Past Through a Magnifying Glass: a Study of Gold Jewellery and Small Artefacts Indicating Links Between Protohistoric Cyprus and the Aegean. In H. Matthaeus/B. Morstadt/Chr. Vonhoff (Hrsg.), PoCA (Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology) 2012. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 280-299.


2015: Inspiration, Integration, Trade Connections: Some Evidence for Cypriot Jewellery in Dark Age Greece. In I. Hadjikyriakos/M. G. Trentin (Hrsg.), Cypriot Cultural Details. Proceedings of the 10thPost Graduate Cypriot Archaeology Conference. Oxford und Philadelphia: Oxbow Books, 21-40.


2012: Some Notes on the Jewellery of Cyprus and Greece: the Art of Goldsmiths and Coppersmiths from the Late Bronze Age to the Iron Age. In A. Georgiou (Hrsg.), Cyprus: an Islands Culture. Society and Social Relations from the Chalcolithic to the Venetian Period. POCA 2009. Proceedings of the 9thAnnual Meeting of Young Researchers in Cypriot Archaeology. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 210-223.


2012 La parure protohistorique de Chypre. Recherche de traces sur le continent grec. Cahiers du Centre d’Études Chypriotes41, 2011, 153-167.


2011 Some fragments of Roman equestrian bronze statues: an overview about their origin and diffusion. In T. Nogales/I. Rodà (Hrsg.), Roma y las provincias: modelo y difusión. Rom: L’Erma di Bretschneider, 531-539.



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The Many Facets of Cypriot Gold Work: A Detailed Study of Gold Plaques representing Chariot Scenes. PoCA-Konferenz, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2014).


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La parure chypriote de la fin de l’Âge du bronze à l’époque archaïque, étudiée dans le contexte de la Méditerranée orientale (dt.: Der zyprische Schmuck vom Ende der Bronzezeit bis zur archaischen Periode, erforscht im archäologischen Umfeld des östlichen Mittelmeeres). Doktorarbeit an der Université Aix-Marseille I, Aix-en-Provence, Frankreich.


Römische Reiterstatuen. Herkunft und Genese sowie ihr Nachwirken bis in die nordwestlichen Provinzen. Magisterarbeit an der Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg, Österreich.