Name: Barış Alaca
Email: baris.alaca”€”
Start of PhD project and thesis: April 2019
Presumed end of Phd project and thesis: Autumn 2023
Working title of PhD thesis: Evaluating a collection of agronomic traits to better understand the importance of epistasis in maize.
With this, we work towards an improved description and understanding of epistasis x environment interactions in maize. Epistasis is an important yet complex genetic phenomenon contributing to plant’s expression of agronomic traits, such as yield or plant height. Similarly, environmental effects on these traits urgently await deeper analyses. My research thus aims to investigate environmental effects and epistasis effects in maize and interactions among them.

Current PhD thesis committee: Stefan Scholten (; Timothy Beissinger (, Reimund Rötter (

Financial basis of PhD project: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Türkiye (4.2019–3.2024)
Budget of PhD project was acquired by Barış Alaca and Tim Beissinger.