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List of elective modules for all three specialisations under Forest and Ecosystem Sciences, M.Sc.

  • M.FES.709: Research Internship in Data Analysis
  • M.FES.710: Management of research and science policy
  • M.FES.711: Exercises in forest inventory
  • M.FES.712: Bioclimatology and global change
  • M.FES.713: Forestry in Germany
  • M.FES.714: Internship in forest management and research
  • M.FES.715: Dryland forestry and methods in silviculture
  • M.FES.716: Bioplastics
  • M.FES.717: Nanocellulose
  • M.FES.718: Botanical/Biogeographical excursion
  • M.FES.719: Remote sensing image processing with open source software
  • M.FES.720: Agent-based modelling with NetLogo
  • M.FES.721: Ecological functions of wildlife: implications for conservation and management
  • M.FES.722: Wood Technology and Wood Products
  • M.FES.723: Wood Science
  • M.FES.724: Agroforestry and new forests
  • M.FES.725: Spatial Statistics
  • M.FES.726: Ecological Modelling with C++
  • M.FES.727: Fungal Biotechnology and DNA techniques
  • M.FES.728: Tropical dendrology
  • M.FES.729: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

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