Masterabeiten in 2018

Frye, Annika: Biological aging and multifactorial stress markers on the skeletons of Napoleonic soldiers.

Heckmann, Saskia: Genetic analysis of prehistoric puparia from the Lichtenstein Cave.

Meißner, Lisa: Investigation of single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with thrombophilia on samples from patients who died from pulmonary embolism and ancient DNA samples from the Bronze Age Lichtenstein cave.

Schieweck, Nadine: Molecular genetic investigation of the human skeletal remains from the Pipinsburg (Osterode, Harz).

Schmidt, Nicole: DNA phenotyping of ancient and forensic DNA material using a nanofluidic high-throughput genotyping method.

Schulz, Annika: Allele determination of the dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) as an indicator for increased risk-taking behavior in (pre-) historic skeletal material.

Wildeboer, Lisa: Evaluation of discriminant functions for sex determination on permanent teeth of skeletons of known sex.