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Welcome to our website! We are the development economics research group at the Centre for Modern Indian studies under the lead of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer. We study the linkages between health, education and poverty in low- and middle-income countries, in diverse collaborations with local governments, non-government organizations and other academic institutions. Furthermore, we support research projects as external evaluators and provide decision makers with policy advice based on our research. Our team’s background comprises a diverse range of key competencies and research foci. Find out more about our team, research or teaching.

Average detection rate of SARS-CoV-2 infections is estimated around nine percent

coronavirusThe number of confirmed cases for the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 officially issued by countries and widely commented on by national and international media outlets dramatically understates the true number of infections, a recent report from the University of Göttingen suggests. Dr. Christian Bommer and Professor Dr. Sebastian Vollmer from Göttingen University have used estimates of COVID-19 mortality and time until death from a recent study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases to test the quality of official case records. Their data shows that the 40 most affected countries have only discovered on average about 9% of coronavirus infections by March 30th (compared to 6% two weeks earlier). Read more.

Dr. Cara Ebert awarded with Young Researcher Award for Excellence in Policy Relevant Development Research 2020

Cara Ebert We are proud to announce, that Dr. Cara Ebert, former doctoral student of Prof. Vollmer, has been awarded the Young Researcher Award for Excellence in Policy Relevant Research on Developing Countries 2020 for her dissertation. The prize is awarded every year to three young researchers by the German Economic Association’s Research Group on Development Economics with support of the KfW Development Bank. Cara Ebert receives the prize for her dissertation "Child development and human capital formation - Evidence from randomized interventions and gender inequality".

She successfully completed her doctorate at the beginning of 2019 with distinction (summa cum laude). Her scientific work focuses on gender inequality as a socio-structural obstacle to early childhood development of girls as well as on measures to reduce anaemia and to promote early childhood development. She has conducted fieldwork jointly with Esther Heesemann in the Indian state of Bihar.

Today she works as a researcher in the competence area "Labour Markets, Education, Population" at the RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research in Berlin.