Isa Marques

(Postdoctoral researcher in EnriCo in 2021)


As of April 2021, I am a postdoctoral student of RTG 2300, funded by the DFG’s “Start-up Fund” for 6 months. I am currently working on a computationally efficient multi-resolution model to account for between-and within-plot spatial dependence of the RTG’s plot data. The model should allow for relatively small, within plot datasets.

Short CV

03.2021: Ph.D. Applied Statistics with RTG 2300 (University of Göttingen). Thesis title: "Advances in continuous space spatial statistics: from non-stationary to spatial confounding"
09.2017: M.Sc. Economics (University of Bonn)
07.2015: B.Sc. Economics (University Nova Lisbon)


  • Marques, Isa, Nadja Klein, and Thomas Kneib. "Non-stationary spatial regression for modelling monthly precipitation in Germany.'' Spatial Statistics 40 (2020): 100386.


Spatial Statistics and Stochastic Processes, Winter 2020
M.Sc. in Applied Statistics at the University of Göttingen

Topics in Applied Statistics: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, Winter 2019
M.Sc. in Applied Statistics at the University of Göttingen

Statistical Modeling and Advanced Regression Analyses, October 2018 - April 2020
Ph.D. program of the research training group ``Enrichment of European forests with conifers''

Selected talks

  • Young researcher’s workshop from DStatG Statistical Week, Linz, Austria, 09/2018 (presentation)

  • International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Guimarães, Portugal, 07/2019 (poster)

  • Workshop on “Statistical Analysis for Space-Time Data”, Lisbon, Portugal, 07/2019 (poster)

  • International Conference on Computational and Methodological Statistics, London, England, 12/2019 (presentation)

  • PhD Seminar in Statistics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, online (planned for Oldenburg, Germany), 09/2020 (presentation)

  • International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, online (planned for Bilbao, Spain), Portugal, 07/2021 (presentation)