Project C08

Proton-coupled Electron Transfer Reactions at the Interface of Mixed Oxide Hydrides

The project C08 addresses the control of Proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) reactions at the solid/liquid interface using tuneable solid-state titanium-based oxide hydrides, such as MTiO3−xHx (M = Ba and Sr) and Sr2TiO3.8H0.2. These materials allow for structural control of hydride ion and oxygen vacancy concentrations and in turn electron doping of the titanium t2g band. This in turn allows for tuning the Fermi level and selectivity for H+/2e− and 1H+/1e− reactions. The project aims to study fundamental aspects of interfacial PCET reactions as well as the electrochemical formation of such mixed oxide hydrides and their reactivity in the electrochemically-driven CO2 reduction reaction.