Dr. Cleo Schyvinck


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E-Mail: Cleo.Schyvinck@UGent.be
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2021 - present

Post-doctoral researcher - Sport Management

Faculty of Health and Medicine –Department of Sport and Movement Sciences at Ghent University

2015 - 2021

PhD researcher and Assistant - Sport Management

Faculty of Health and Medicine – Department of Sport and Movement Sciences at Ghent University


Visiting Research Fellow

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US

  • CSR in Sport
  • Sport Integrity
  • Strategic Sport Management

2015 - 2021

Doctor in Health Sciences

Title of the dissertation: "Corporate Social Responsibility Management in European Professional Sport Organizations: Towards a Strategic Approach”

Ghent University


Belgian Olympic Academy Managing sport organizations

Ghent University, UCLouvain, Belgian Olympic Committee

2006 - 2007

Master in General Management (Distinction)

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

2002 - 2006

Master in Physical Education, Sports Management (Great Distinction)

Ghent University

International peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Schyvinck, C., & Willem, A. (2018). A typology of cause-related marketing approaches in European professional basketball. Sport Management Review, 21(4), 347-362.

  • Schyvinck, C., & Willem, A. (2019). From cause-related marketing strategy to implementation in professional basketball organizations: A matter of alignment. European Sport Management Quarterly, 19(1), 58-79.

  • Schyvinck, C., Babiak, K., Constandt, B., & Willem, A. (2021). What does entrepreneurship add to the understanding of corporate social responsibility management in sport? Journal of Sport Management, 35(5), 452-464.

  • Schyvinck, C., Naraine, M. L., Constandt, B., & Willem, A. (2022). A network perspective on cause-related marketing collaborations in professional sport. Sport Management Review, 25(1), 81-105.

  • Marlier, M., Constandt, B., Schyvinck, C., De Bock, T., Winand, M., & Willem, A. (2020). Bridge over troubled water: Linking capacities of sport and non-sport organizations. Social Inclusion, 8(3), 139-151.

  • Van Der Hoeven, S., Constandt, B., Schyvinck, C., Lagae, W., & Willem, A. (2022). The grey zone between tactics and manipulation: The normalization of match-fixing in road cycling. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 57(5), 798-817.

International academic conference presentations - Oral Session

  • European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), June 2019.

  • European Association for Sport Management (EASM) Conference, London (UK - virtual), September 2021; Malmo (Sweden), September 2018; Bern (Switzerland), September 2017; Warsaw (Poland), September 2016.

  • North American Society for Sport Management Conference (NASSM), Orlando (USA), June 2016; Atlanta (USA), June 2022.

Invited presentations and lectures

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in professional sport: A Typology
    At the sports innovation conference of Sport Vlaanderen, October 2017

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in national sport federations
    At the inspiration day of Vlaamse Sport Federatie, January 2020

  • Collaborations to improve corporate social responsibility in sport
    At the CSR symposium of Ghent University, March 2019

  • Sport integrity
    At the sports innovation conference of Sport Vlaanderen, October 2021


Best Paper Award - European Academy of Management (EURAM) Managing Sport Special Interest Group


Best Reviewer Award Runner Up - European Academy of Management (EURAM) Managing Sport Special Interest Group

Managing Sport and Leisure, European Sport Management Quarterly, Sport Management Review, EURAM and EASM conference papers - 2019-2022.

Responsible lecturer at Ghent University - 2019-2022

  • Sport structures and policies (2nd Bachelors)

Lectures in a course at Ghent University - 2015-2022

  • Sport marketing in the event management course (1st Masters)

  • Sport sponsorship in the event management course (1st Masters)

  • Corporate social responsibility in the sport marketing & communication course (2nd Masters)

  • Qualitative research methods in sport management (1st Masters)

Guest lectures at other institutes

  • Corporate social responsibility in sport in the Belgian Olympic Academy - 2015-2016

Master thesis guidance - 2015-2022

  • Member of the Ethics Committee of the Royal Belgian Football Association
  • Member of the General Assembly of ICES (International Centre for Ethics in Sport)

  • European Academy of Management (EURAM)
  • European Association of Management (EASM)
  • North American Society of port Management (NASSM)