Name: Rebecca Tacke
E-Mail: retacke"€"
Start of PhD project and thesis: Mai 2017
End of PhD project and thesis was October 2023
Title of PhD thesis: “Fine-Mapping of the major locus for vicine and convicine in faba bean and application of the findings for winter faba bean breeding.“
The aim of the PhD research was to fine-map the major locus responsible for the high vicine and convicine feature in faba bean - these compounds are antinutritive for non-ruminant animals and causal for favism, a rare human disposition to suffer from ingesting these compounds. Furthermore, the aim was to markedly improve our knowledge when breeding and recommending low-VC faba beans to farmers.

The PhD project is supervised by Wolfgang Link.
PhD thesis committee: Wolfgang Link (; Wolfgang Ecke(; Gunter Backes (

Financial basis of PhD project: Project “Abo-Vici” (; BLE/BMELV, FKZ2815EPS004)
End of financing: May 2020
Budget of the PhD project was acquired by Wolfgang Link.