QUARTZ-2024<br /> International Symposium on Quartz and Glass

International Symposium on Quartz and Glass

Natural as well as experimentally produced SiO2 materials with their broad variety of structural and chemical types and appearances are of interests in scientific and applied geotechnical research. In daily life, natural resources of SiO2 formations are used in many technical and engineering applications. Experimentally produced different-design variations of SiO2 are manufactured from the macroscopic down to the nanoscopic scale.

We invite those active in the field of research to discuss informally the subtleties of quartz and silicate glasses in the “City of Science” - Göttingen. Whether from a petrological, geochemical, geophysical or material science perspective, we would like you to come and join us for presenting and discussing current and future advances in the study of crystalline and amorphous SiO2.

Furthermore, we invite to a broad interdisciplinary discussion on the upcoming role of natural and experimentally produced SiO2. The challenge of a suitable and responsible use of natural quartz in respect to its appliances and resources might be a topic. What are the interests of SiO2 research in future, whereas we can focus on a detailed knowledge on SiO2 formation and natural appearances? The technical requirements on SiO2 regarding chemical purity as well as structural homogeneity become more complex, on the other side the geological resources of SiO2 are more restricted.