NUM-GUIDE: Ganzheitliche Untersuchung zur Implementierung und Durchführung evidenzbasierter Governance-Entscheidungen


Partner: University Medicine Network (NUM)

Project duration: 07/2023 - 06/2025

Funding: BMBF

Methods: Systematic analysis of governance structures, transition assessment from projects to permanent research infrastructures, collaborative dialogues, evidence-based insights provision

The Chair of Information Management is proud to collaborate with the University Medicine Network (NUM) on a scientific accompaniment project. This endeavor is committed to the methodical study of evolving governance structures, primarily concentrating on the shift of projects to permanent research establishments. Our fundamental approach is to offer supportive insights and suggestions based on research. While appreciating the various aspects of NUM's entities, we aspire to promote an open dialogue environment, aiming for mutual learning and enhancement of the NUM network's collective potential.

As part of this project, our focus will be on recognizing patterns, analyzing transitions, and providing objective observations. We aim to fortify our understanding and boost the synergistic potential of the NUM